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Who is this American woman, Maryam, in Marrakesh anyway?

I'm a human rights and democracy specialist -- a job I'm passionate about and which makes my parents proud. What could be better? My job has taken me to over 40 countries and I have traveled to an additional 32. The world is endlessly fascinating to me.

I also co-own with my husband Peacock Pavilions, a boutique guesthouse in an olive grove outside of Marrakesh. We designed, built and decorated it from scratch! It’s stylish and eco-friendly and has been featured in the New York Times and on House and Garden Television (HGTV). We have fun retreats at Peacock Pavilions (shopping, wellness, yoga, photography and more). Take a peek at it here:

I’m also a writer and photographer. My coffee table book on Moroccan interior design is being published by Artisan Books in April 2012. As a freelance writer, I also pen articles about Moroccan lifestyle experiences and global textiles. I've written or contributed to articles about Morocco and Marrakech for numerous magazines and newspapers, including National Geographic, The Financial Times, Food & Wine, Gourmet, The Guardian, Time, Budget Travel, Somerset, Stitch, Girlfriend Getaways, and many others.

In other fun news, my family and I have been featured in three television commercials for the Moroccan Tourism Board, and have modeled for Moroccan lifestyle campaigns for French and Kuwaiti clients.

I also have a shop called Red Thread Souk! I have sold hundreds of carpets and textiles to interior designers and individuals worldwide. I was the featured personal shopper in Susan Simon's book, Shopping in Marrakech.

When I am not working, I like spending time with friends in our rug-filled Berber tent.
I am very fond of:

Chris - American architect by training, relaxed man about town. He loves surfing, golfing, adopting animals, amusing small children and ordering large quantities of concrete.

Skylar and Tristan - Sweet faced trouble-makers, masquerading as ordinary children. They love hunting for bugs and other dangerous creatures, most often covered in mud.

Maurice, Persephone, and Gigi - A quirky bunch, our three peacocks dream of roaming around our garden.

Feel free to reach me at Thank you for knocking on my Moroccan blog door. And please come again!